The Writings and Musings of Brian-Asriel Newman

Audio Poetry Book

Brian-Asriel Newman,

Writings and Teachings

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Brian's Radio Interview on NPR Chattanooga WUTC

Musicians Wanted!

Brian Needs Musicians to help bring his Lyrics to life, and will be using his Youtube Channel "Letters to the Radio" to help the Artists helping him

White Stone Letters 

White Stone Letters is where Brian writes about Identity, Purpose, the Ancient Paths, and being a True Romantic in a truly Material World.


Brian has been published in the Belmont Literary Journal 2 separate years, the Healing Arts Project, and of course in his self-published work "Audio Poetry'.

Writer's Corner Resources

Brian features Tools for other Writers such as "Inklings" Writer's Club, Create Space Self Publishing, and the Blue Mountain Review and Southern Collective Experience

Author Readings

This is where you can here Author Readings from Brian's first book "Audio Poetry:
 Poems and Prayers for Weary Hearts"

All proceeds benefit New Reality Orphanage in Haiti. 

"The Best Things They Threw Away" Lyric Music Video 

(Lyrics: Brian Nemwan, Music: Stephen Belin, 

Video Production: Joy Gaffin)

"Armies" Lyrics by Brian Newman, Music by Roger Jaeger, 

Video by Joy Gaffin

Author Reading of "Best Things They Threw Away"

Blue Mountain Review Interview

Brian's Interview with Realtor Steve Moutrey for the "Faces of Faith' segment of the

 "Blue Mountain Review: A Journal of Southern Arts And Culture"

Interview on pages 3 and 4.

Read Here