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Looking For Other Hebrews?

Hebrew Hearts Outreach was founded by Brian-Asriel Newman to help the hearts of All The Creator's People to find Shalom in their Relationships with other Hebrews and with their Creator.

Hebrews are those who left their Earthly Family and Culture,

to be Adopted into the Family Culture of Abraham,

the Father of the Faith.

This Culture of Faith was taught to Abraham by the Messiah (Yeshua-Jesus), who taught Abraham an entirely new way of Life according to His Instructions (Torah-the Bible) and His Spirit (The Holy Spirit) and in His Covenant (both The Original and The Renewed Covenants) that had been lost in Eden by the First Adam but restored by the Second Adam.

 Hebrews are often set apart in today's culture by how they guard the Instructions to celebrate the Sabbath, the Feasts, and to eat according to The Creator's Diet. 

Hebrew Hearts helps Hebrews to find each other by Region, by Life Situation and also has a Single's Group which has seen over 18 Marriages and hosts Monthly In Person Meet-Ups for Singles. 

Hebrew Hearts Website