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Writer's Tools

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Charles Clifford Brooks and Carolyn Kelso

Charles Clifford Brooks, founder of "The Southern Collective Experience" and Carolyn Kelso, Content Editor of "The Blue Mountain Review" Magazine, planning with Brian-Asriel Newman. 

5 Best Practices For Publication: From Cliff Brooks 

Georgia's Poet of the Year, Southern Collective Experience Founder, Blue Mountain Review Editor in Chief and Pulitzer Prize Nominee Cliff Brooks has dedicated many years of his life to helping writer's connect and to be successful. Here are 5 Tips Best Practices for Publication from his blog. 

Go To Cliff's Blog 

"Southern Collective Experience" Writer's Guild

"There is no manifesto.

There are no quotes to add credence to the Collective's existence.

The Southern Collective Experience is built by, and thrives, through brothers & sisters, fused in all the arts, who feel the vibe below the Mason-Dixon Line even if their home isn't hugged in Dixie."

Charles Clifford Brooks III

The Southern Collective Experience 

Contact Clifford at Southern Collective Experience

"Blue Mountain Review" Arts and Culture Magazine

Cover by Laura McCullough

"The Blue is a Southern publication, but we do not define the boundaries of that interpretation. That is up to you, the artist, to consider and reflect upon when you give your material that final once-over before you do us the honor of reviewing the phrases and imagery. There are no lofty goals to meet, only the expectation that all submissions of poetry, prose, and photography/visual arts are carefully thought-out, thoroughly edited, and sent in by the appropriate deadline.

As it stands, The Blue will be published four times a year. See our Submissions page for deadlines. The hope for 2018 is that one print issue, the Best of The Blue Mountain Review, will be sold by subscription, with one issue of the same per year. 

Please note: once you have a piece accepted and published, you can’t have it removed.

We invite you to browse through our pages"

Blue Mountain Review 

First Time Author? Try Lucid Publishing!

Are you a first time Author? Consider Publishing with my friend Connor Judson Garrett. 

Connor will give you a fair deal and is open to new ideas and innovative concepts in writing.

He also invented that "My Typewriter" App that all of you guys are using. 

Brian Newman, Author of "Audio Poetry, Poems and Prayers for Weary Hearts". 

"Lucid House Publishing is a hybrid publisher flipping the traditional publishing model on its head. Our mission is to empower authors by giving them favorable deals and providing them with the best resources, while working with them to build their brand." 

Connor Judson Garrett, Lucid House Publishing 

Lucid House Website

Inklings Creative Expressions

If you are hoping to connect with other Writer's (especially in the North Georgia

Area, we recommend "Inklings' Writer's Guild. 

Contact Robin at Inklings

"Calamaro" Magazine

"Calamaro is a print poetry magazine established in 2014, equally open to formal and free verse. The word calamaro is Italian for squid, a creature that uses of a spread of ink to simultaneously reveal and defend itself. Calamaro is published twice a year, with a winter/spring issue and a summer/fall issue. The magazine is about 40 pages long, staple-bound, 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches. 

We will soon have all of our issues available in their entirety online".

Calamaro Magazine

"Bonfire Hearts", Amateur Writer's Society 

We are Bonfire Hearts, Amateur Writer's Society.

Our purpose is to help those born to write identity themselves as writers that have been given a gift to steward that should be taken seriously, a gift that is able to both bless and change the world, the blessing and responsibility of Word Craft.

We are also here to help connect our brothers and sister by ink to professional mentors and professional writing organizations (such as Inklings and the Southern Collective Experience), publishing tools such as Create Space, and to find other tools for publishing, connecting and for developing their craft.

Join Bonfire Hearts

Need Your Story Told?

If you need your story told by a Professional, we highly recommend Echo Garrett. She has written for more than 100 media outlets including: Delta Sky, Private Clubs, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Parade, Success, Inc., Virtuoso Life, Hemispheres, and Atlanta Magazine. She was also a contributing writer to Money, Business Week, Management Review, Investor’s Business Daily, New You and The Atlanta Business Chronicle, and was interviewed on 

Good Morning America, CNBC, CNN, NY-1 with more than 100 radio interviews 

supporting book projects and magazine articles. 

She was also a founding editor of and served as editor-in-chief of 

Atlanta Woman magazine.

She also helped Lt. Col. Mark Green's tell his story in 

"Step Out, Step Up: The 7 Steps to Resilience — 

Lessons from a Lifetime of Transitions and Military Service" 

Contact Echo

Self-Publishing Resources

If you are looking to Self-Publish without huge pre-orders required you may wish to look into Kindle Direct Publishing (formerly CreateSpace) which provided ISBN's (barcodes), access to, and Print On Demand Services (as opposed to minimal pre-orders).

Kindle Direct Website

Need Artwork for your Book, Magazine or Cd Cover?

Do you need Professional Artwork for your Book, Cd, Logos, Merchandise, Website or Graphics in general? If so we highly recommend our good friend Laura McCullough, cover editor for the Blue Mountain Review (seen above) as well as several other beautiful works.


Contact Laura